✿Light Air Dry Clay (200g)

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✿ Light Air Dry Clay (200g) ✿

Light air dry clay is a water-based clay.It is light weight, extremely soft touch and does not stick to your fingers.You can change the color of the clay to any color you like . It is suitable for creating delicate objects like flowers and intricate jewelries as well as sculptures, magnets and others. Once dry it remains flexible yet firm.It can be painted and it can protected with varnish.

✦ 200g packed in plastic bag.
✦ 13 colors: White / Yellow / Red / Blue / Green / Orange / Purple / Black / Brown / Pink / Light blue / Beige / Peach.
✦ It is lightweight, pure white and ready-to-use
✦ It is very soft, clean, and takes detail extremelywell.  
✦ Air-hardening.
✦ It air dries in about  2 days. 
✦ Easy to use and mold.
✦ Easy to combine with creamy clay. Terrific for Jewelry, Sculptures,Dolls, Miniatures, Models and Ornaments!

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  • 200g empaqueta en bolsa de plástico
  • Es ligera, blanca pura y lista parausar
  • Es muy suave, limpia y toma detalleextremadamente bien
  • Aire enduredo y sin tóxico
  • Se seca unos 1-2 días en aire
  • 10 colores: Blanca/Armarilla/Roja/Azul/Verde/Naranja/Púrpura/Negro/Marrón/Rosa
  • Es fácil usar y moldear
  • Es fácil combinar con arcillacremosa. Ex excelente por joya, la escultura, muñeca,miniature, modelo y adorno

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