Cream clay (90g),Creamy clay,Silicon clay, Fausse chantilly, CRÈME CHANTILLY,

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    ✿ Cream Clay (90g) ✿


    • Use:Office & School
    • Color:White / Yellow / Green / Purple / Brown / Pink / Light blue.
    • Weight:90g

    Key Features

    Cream clay is air-dried clay and looks like real whipped cream. It is very taugh are high toughness but also easy to shape. It is ideal for creating miniature itemslike fake cake accessories(ice cream, macaroon, doughnut, cake, scrambled eggs, etc),nail art works, jewelries, and decorations for cell phones.  

    ✦ 90g packed in a plasticbags.
    ✦ 7 colors: White / Yellow / Green / Purple / Brown / Pink / Light blue.
    ✦ Non-toxic.
    ✦ Like real whipped cream and shiny.
    ✦ The clay maintains its bounciness even when dried and is strong against cracking.
    ✦ 50% T/T deposit.
    ✦ Can be DIY set or gift.
    ✦ ODM/OEM .
    ✦ Min order: 2000-4000 pcs.
    ✦ Delivery Lead Time: 45-60 days.

    Product Certification


    • Light weight clay & cream clay

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