Air dry paper clay,Paper clay,Air dry,Modeling clay

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    ✿ Air Dry Paper Clay ✿


    • Color:White
    • Weight:300g

    Key Features

    Air dry clay is one of the most common materials. The texture is smooth and easy to shape. It's a modelling substance.There is no need for the kiln or oven for it to become a hard solid. When it is dry , it can be decorated with acrylic paints or watercolors.

    ✦ 300g packed in a Aluminum foil bags.
    ✦ Non-toxic.
    ✦ The texture is smooth and easy to sharp.
    ✦ Easy to paint and mix color.
    ✦ A few days become dry and harden.
    ✦ Don't need to use oven.
    ✦ After dry up,you can be painted and decorated in a variety of ways.
    ✦ The finished projects use a coat of lacquer or varnish to protected them.

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    • Air dry paper clay